How Many Worship Leaders Does It Take to Screw In a Lightbulb?

“In Your light we see light.” (Ps. 36:9 NASB)
God is light.  He is truth and reality.  When we draw near to Him, and He draws near to us, we enter into this light.  In the presence of His brilliant light, our little “realities” are overthrown by His true Reality.
Scripture contains account after account of men and women who’s little realities buckled under the weight of the revelation of God’s Reality.  One such account, which happens to be one of my favorites, happened in the life of Asaph.  Asaph, who was one of the prophetic worship leaders in David’s Tabernacle, and later in Solomon’s Temple, wrote a psalm recounting his experience.
In the first half of Psalm 73, Asaph, with impressive vulnerability, shares about a time when he was struggling to make sense of the seeming prosperity of those who had rejected God.  Despite their arrogance and self-indulgent lifestyles, they seemed to be healthier, more at ease and even wealthier than those who were trying to live godly lives.
Reconciling this apparent injustice with what he thought he knew about God was an oppressive and wearisome task.  That is, until. 
“Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I discerned their end” (v. 17).
There was a single moment when the clouds of doubt and confusion broke, and the light of God shone through.  It was when he entered the sanctuary, the place of worship and encounter.
Having begun the psalm perplexed by the apparent prosperity of the wicked, he ends it with sweet musings on the true prosperity of the one who is near to God’s heart.
These “until” experiences are the birthright of God’s children.  We have unlimited access to His presence and we are wise to take advantage of it often.
Though we are citizens of the Kingdom of Light, we still live among what Paul referred to as “this present darkness” (Eph. 6:12).  God’s people live in a time of war.  There is a real enemy and there are real weapons.  Daily we are the targets of his fiery arrows of deceit.  Our only chance of survival is to daily run into His “stronghold of light” through prayer, worship and declarations of truth.
Whenever we gather, there is someone discouraged who needs the encouragement that only comes from seeing their situation in the light of God’s Reality.  There’s someone else who may be facing a major life decision and desperately needs the wisdom that is so abundant in His presence.  Or, someone entangled in a destructive sin who’s only hope of freedom is through seeing it as God does.  We could go on and on.
Worship leaders, when we do what we do, whether in a home or on a stage, we are essentially flipping the light switch for God’s people.  We are giving them the opportunity to enter His presence and be bathed in His cleansing light.
We do this by leading His people in welcoming His presence with open hearts.  We do it by providing them with language to pour out their hearts before Him and fill the atmosphere with His truth.  We help them realign their minds and emotions with Him through skill and appropriate music.  Just to name a few of the ways.
This doesn’t only have to do with how we as worship leaders are to lead, it has to do with how we are to live and breathe.  The best guides are the ones who have traveled down the same path a thousand times on their own.
It only takes one worship leader to screw in a lightbulb.

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