Welcome to TheLonelyWorshipLeader.com!  First off, my sincerest apologies if you thought this was an online dating service for worship leaders.  Unfortunately, this site will more than likely not improve your dating life.

However, if you have a heart to see others encounter God in worship, I believe this site will inspire and inform you in that endeavor.   TheLonelyWorshipLeader.com is a collection of musings on the art and heart of worship leading.

1My name is Clark Zaunbrecher and  I reside in Austin, TX with my beautiful wife Natalie and our four children.  I began my worship leading journey in 2001 and serve as the Worship Pastor at Hope in the City (www.hopeinthecity.org) where I’ve been based since it’s beginning in 2000.  I love getting to do what I do and I love the people I get to do it with.

The title of this site encapsulates my experience as a worship leader when I first began this journey.  Before leading worship, I had served for years as a small group leader.  Small groups were an integral part of our church so I was one among many.  Consequently, there were leadership resources aplenty.

There were books, teaching CDs, regular trainings and even assigned mentors. There were always at least ten others in the room who had previously navigated through the leadership struggles I was facing.

When I started leading worship in a large group context, however, the room got a lot smaller.  The resources were much fewer.  I didn’t know the first thing about leading with a band or planning for a forty-five minute time of worship.  Resources for worship leading weren’t as readily available as the small group leading resources were.

However, God was, and is, gracious.  In those early days He led me to the books, websites, conferences and people that I needed in order to grow. This experience worked into me a deep appreciation and compassion for my fellow  worship leaders.

A decade and a half later, I’ve learned that there are many incredible resources out there for us worship leaders.  The heart behind this site is to share some of the most valuable things I’ve learned over the years, and am learning, and hopefully be one of the many great resources out there for my fellow “lonely worship leaders.”


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